How long do park homes last?

How long do park homes last?

It is a natural question to ask when you’re considering investing your life’s savings; will my investment be safe? Will a park home hold its value? How long does a park home last? These are all commonly asked questions.

The longevity of a park home will depend on a number of factors:

  1. The build quality (materials used and how they have been put together)
  2. Whether you’ve had any enhancements made i.e. external wall insulation
  3. How often you’ve had maintenance work carried out i.e. chassis or jack inspection
  4. The site location, is it open to the elements, near the sea and salty air?
Right Choice Park Homes said:

New Park Homes come with a 40 to 70 year life span. There are currently park homes, which were built in the 1960s still providing comfortable and secure living standards for many residents. All park homes are manufactured by members of the National Parks Homes Council and can be registered for a free Goldshield Ten Year Warranty on registered parks. Pitched roofs usually have a 30-year weatherproof guarantee. With routine maintenance, as described in your manufacturer’s handbook, your Park Home will last many years beyond that.

Prevention is better than cure

Think of a park home like a vehicle or boat, if you leave them as they are and use them without carrying out maintenance eventually they’ll become rusty and fall apart! On the other hand if you carry out regular maintenance you can expect your vehicle to last much longer.

The decision as to whether to buy a park home or not is not one to be taken lightly. It is up to you to think about whether the pro’s outweigh the con’s and whether you are prepared to invest in ongoing property maintenance. Visit where you’ll find a host of information to help you in your decision making. 

To summarise

If you are wondering how long do park homes last, we have established that a park home can last a long time (40 to 70 years on average) if it is well maintained, and if it does become a little worse for wear you can replace the parts that need it, making it last much much longer!

In a recent refurbishment we completely transformed a park home. From strengthening and thickening the walls with External Wall Insulation to renewing the kitchen, bathroom and replacing the floors. View the project alternatively you can view all of our recent work here.

You can learn more about Black Box park home refurbishments here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest offers, recent projects and park home ideas. Thanks for reading.

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