Case Studies - External Wall Insulation, Eastbourne

We’ve completed work on several homes at Eastbourne Heights park and had been recommended to Mr and Mrs Wildblood by a neighbour. They contacted us to quote for an External Wall Insulation to help keep their new home warm in winter and cool in summer, as well as reduce noise intrusion. Due to the unique build of park homes, temperatures can rise or fall very quickly and by insulating the walls this effect is significantly reduced. Our insulation nearly doubles the thickness of park home walls!

The work

There were a few issues to overcome with this installation. The front door opened outwards and as the park is situated high on a hill the wind would frequently catch the door. Mr and Mrs Wildblood chose therefore to have a new inwardly opening door to avoid injuring themselves.

In addition, the hand railings leading up to the steps were very close to the existing wall (both front and back) and required removing and repositioning to accommodate the thicker walls. They chose to have chamfering around the patio doors and bay window which frames them neatly, and they required the Omar badge to be put back in its original place.

I was delighted to find all the rubbish cleared away after each days work. The team welcomed a warm drink as it was just 6 degrees on the first two days, but other than that they never stopped working. They are an extremely hard working team, and very tidy too!

The result

Mr and Mrs Wildblood chose a bright modern colour and it has lifted the whole park home. The dated textured finished that had caught the dirt previously has been replaced with a smooth stipple that looks neat, tidy and fresh. Read more about External Wall Insulation or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest offers, recent projects and park home ideas.

Park Home External Wall Insulation After
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