Case Studies - External Wall Insulation, Eastbourne Heights

The work

Mr & Mrs Pitwell’s property is located on a beautiful park, but it is situated in a high up location making it quite a windy spot. Having seen several neighbours on the site benefitting from External Wall Insulation, and learning about the benefits, they came to Platinum Park Home Services to carry out their install.

We completed the work over 3 days. Firstly, we installed the grey graphite polystyrene boards that nearly double the thickness of the park home (did you know that grey graphite boards are 21% more effective than white?).

Secondly we applied a layer of render, followed by a layer of fiberglass mess and finally a top layer of render. This was left for several days to dry throughly. Finally, we applied a layer of primer to ensure that the 10 year top coat finish adhered effectively.

The result

Not only does the insulation add a protective layer to the park home’s exterior (keeping Mr & Mrs Pitwell warm in winter and cool in summer) but it has completely modernised the look of their park home. In addition, the top coat does not require repainting for at least 10 years!

Mr & Mrs Pitwell were so delighted with the install that they kindly took the time to hand write a letter of thanks stating they had received “a more than first class service”. We are delighted to have another happy customer!

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Pitwell Park Home Wall Insulation
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